In 2017 DIACHEM opened up to the world of “biosolutions”, acquiring PIRECO Productie B.V., a Dutch company based in Lelystad specialized in the research and production of natural biostimulants and products based on plant extracts used with “zero” environmental impact.

Pireco is the eco-friendly and sustainable answer to a wide range of pests and crop problems in conventional and organic agriculture and horticulture. Our products consist exclusively of vegetable ingredients that are absorbed by the soil and the plant roots. There, they stimulate the growth, vitality and the natural regenerative capacity that have been affected by imbalance and external causes.

PIRECO’s main market is The Netherlands, but there are also collaborations with local distributors in various European countries. In Italy, PIRECO products are sold by DIACHEM within Diagro brand.

PIRECO Productie B.V.


For more information visit: www.pireco.eu
Or write to: info@pireco.nl

Use plant protection products safely. Before use always read the label and product information.

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