Made for Gaia®

Made for Gaia®

“GAIA – planet Earth, named after the Greek goddess who personifies”

With the payoff MADEforGAIA® we remember and remind all the choices, initiatives and  projects that Diachem adopted and argues in defense of our land and the environment in   which we work and live. Diachem respects the environment and our daily commitment is to   be more and ever better environmentally sustainable in all areas of our business.

In the energy sources

made-for-gaia2 made-for-gaia

In 2005, we have achieved near the plant a photovoltaic system on the ground, which helps to  satisfy for about 25% the energy requirements by the production lines.

Kwh produced:

KwH 2019 Grand Total 
Photovoltaic park – Factory 279.148 2.480.583
Roof – Offices 19.324 157.030
Total 300.491 2.637.613


The heating and cooling system for the offices works with geothermal energy and heat pumps.

In the production process


Atmospheric emissions of pollutants production are part of the treatment and abatement  plants wich are regularly reported to the competent authority and subject to regular   inspection, so that the emission of pollutants is kept well within the legal limit. Each emission   point is authorized and is constantly monitored.


Industrial liquid waste: the industrial liquid waste are all collected in special containers and then suitably stored for subsequent disposal by specialized companies in authorized treatment facilities, in compliance with current legislation.

Rainwater: the site have a ” white” drainage systems for the collection  and disposal of rainwater from waterproof surfaces:

  • from coverings and roofs in gender;
  • from yards and parking.

The network flows in a suitable plant for the collection,   processing and analysis of the waters, before being delivered in tanks for subsequent release into surface water bodies.  All this following a regular discharge authorization issued by the competent managing institutions.


in the formulations


The formulations based on toxic solvents were reduced in the years and replaced with  products based on vegetable solvents. SC formulations have been stimulated compared to   powder products, to better protect the user from exposure during use.


In the packaging


The CHIMIBERG packaging ecofriendly Cubiflex, reduces by ‘80% the use of plastic to be  disposed of and by 90% the volume of space, compared to traditional packaging.


in the working environment

The construction and architectural choices answer to the needs of efficiency and energy   saving: the layout of the building, the organization of space and the treatment of the facades-   windows were designed in such a way to make the work environment enlightened naturally as much as possible and irradiated in winter and shaded in summer. While photovoltaic panels installed on the roof help to meet the energy needs of the offices.

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Use plant protection products safely. Before use always read the label and product information.

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