Today DIACHEM holds registrations of crop protection products in Italy and in countries in Europe and outside Europe:in effect DIACHEM has done and is planning investments for the preparation and submission of dossiers Annex II and Annex III, according to registration principles of European Community. To date DIACHEM possesses scientific studies (dossier) that can be used immediately to register in Europe and outside Europe.

DIACHEM offers international partners not only crop protection products but also innovative and synergistic crop nutrition products, the result of years of field experience and cutting-edge research in the field of plant nutrition.

“Integrated Crop Management” is the philosophy of DIACHEM and the Internationan team which has a network of more than thirty customers in more than sixty countries.

“Borning locally, growing globally.”

“The ideas born in Italy and grow international.”

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Use plant protection products safely. Before use always read the label and product information.

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