Diagro is the brand under which DIACHEM markets crop nutrition products – special fertilizers and biostimulants – in Italy.

The field of plant nutrition has shown in recent years a significant evolution and specialization. The appearing with increasing frequency of physiological disorders related to nutritional imbalances, the appearance of problems arising from climate change and the need for an increasingly care in terms of quality and safety of agricultural production, has forced technicians and farmers to review some aspects of the fertilization techniques.

diagroFor more information visit: https://www.diachemitalia.it/diagro
Or write to: info@diagro.it

For over sixty years we have believed in advanced agriculture, capable of living in a dynamic balance between the knowledge of tradition and the stimulus of innovation. Our vision is projected towards tomorrow with a sustainable and integrated proposal, which starts from the desire to contribute to global food security, respecting man and  environment.

For this reason, in the 2023 catalog, we propose effective solutions for both protection and nutrition of crops, through the brand:

Chimiberg (for Crop Protection products) and Diagro  (for Crop Nutrition products).


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Chimiberg e Diagro

“Perché proteggere e nutrire

sono due facce

della stessa medaglia”

Use plant protection products safely. Before use always read the label and product information.

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