Cookie policy

Cookie policy

Provision of the Guarantor of 8th  May 2014 published in O.G. n.126 on 3rd  June 2014, adoption of Directive 2002/58 / EC

It is specified that the user can express his / her own options on the use of cookies on the Site also through the settings of the browser/s following the instructions provided below. The user can also set the “anonymous surfing” that allows you to surf the Internet without saving any information on the sites, on the pages visited, on any passwords entered and on other parameters information.

Cookies used are text files that the Website transfers to the user’s computer in order to facilitate navigation. Thanks to cookies, the Website automatically recognizes Registered Users, avoiding them to proceed to their authentication (through “username / email” and “password”) during each access to the Site. Cookies, furthermore, may allow Users to customize their use of the site by saving their own favorite settings

As highlighted above, cookies also record some information related to the navigation of the User / interested party; this information is recorded individually. Cookies interfere with the privacy and confidentiality of Users. The processing of such data will be carried out with the utmost confidentiality and the data will be processed only by personnel duly appointed by the Data Controller and will not be disclosed to third parties nor spread.

Each User / interested party has the right to disable cookies through the software used for consulting the Internet (“browser”). Many browsers are set up to accept cookies in the absence of different instructions from the User / interested party. Diachem S.p.A. invites Users to check the settings of their browser regarding cookies and to adjust them according to their preferences, bearing in mind that in order to take advantage of some online services it may be necessary to enable cookies.

How to disable cookies
Warning: in relation to the deactivation by the user of all types of cookies (including technicians) it is noted that some features of the Site might be reduced or be unavailable.

Third party profiling
To know and disable the profiling cookies on the Site, please refer to:
Learn more about how to control manage and delete cookies on your device
For more information visit the allaboutcookie website or visit wikihow or download the Ghostery application available for chrome and firefox
To disable them by choosing them by type, please refer to what is explained below.

Management of cookies by browser
If users / visitors want to decide each time whether or not to accept cookies, they can also configure their browser to generate a warning each time a cookie is saved.
The most popular browsers provide the ability to block only third-party cookies, accepting only those of the site.
The procedure for managing cookies is different for each browser. The instructions for the most popular browsers are shown below.

Google Chrome
Manage cookies through the settings of this browser:
Activate incognito mode:
Delete cookies, block them if necessary also selectively, receive alerts on your cookie settings: Explorer
Manage cookies, delete them, block them, select them through the settings of this browser:
Manage cookies through the settings of this browser:
Manage the privacy settings panel and inhibit the tracking of your online activities:
Activate and deactivate cookies:
Delete cookies:
Block cookies:
Disable only third-party cookies:
Manage cookies through the settings of this browser:
– Safari 6/7 (Mavericks):
– Safari 8 (Yosemite):
– Safari on iPhone, iPad, or iPod:
Manage cookies through the settings of this browser:
If you use a web browser not listed above, please refer to the documentation or online help of your browser for further information.
Users are advised that the owner merely acts as a technical intermediary for the links shown in this document and can not assume any responsibility in case of any modification

Services provided

Through this Website, navigation cookies and functional cookies managed by Diachem are made available to Users

Navigation cookies
These cookies guarantee the normal navigation and use of the website and allow the connection between the server and the user’s browser. These cookies allow the site to function properly and allow you to view the contents on the device used. Without these cookies some required features such as login to the site or the creation of an online shopping cart may not be provided. Navigation cookies are technical cookies and are necessary for the running of the site.

Functional cookies
They are cookies stored in the computer or other device that, according to the user’s request, register the choices of the same to allow him to remind them in order to optimize and provide an improved and personalized navigation within the service or access to this Site (eg registration of the password in restricted areas, registration of products in the cart to have the opportunity to find them in the next session, save the selected language, view a video or the ability to comment on the blog etc.). Functional cookies are not essential to the operation of the site but improve the quality and experience of navigation

Services provided by third parties, who may have access to the Data
Through this Site some services provided by third parties are made available to Users. The collection and use of information by these third parties are governed by their respective privacy policies.

The services contained in this section, provided by third parties, are used to track the behavior of the User / interested party and, in case of profiling, they can request the explicit consent of the User / interested party.

Google Analytics (Google)
Google Analytics are web analytics services provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). They use cookies through which they collect the Data of the User / interested party that are transmitted and stored at Google’s servers in the United States. Google uses this information for the purpose of tracking and examining the use of the Website, compiling reports and providing other services relating to the activities of the Site. Google may use the Data to profile the User / interested party and carry out towards him promotional transactions in relation to products and / or services distributed by Google or by third parties.
Place of Treatment: USA
For more information:
The personal data collected are: Cookie and IP Address.

Issuu is a service that allows the publication of documents in pdf format on the web pages of the site through incorporation. When this service is used (eg in the Catalogue section), navigation data is collected automatically by
For more information:

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