Adopted the Diachem’s Implementation Plan for the expansion of Caravaggio plant


In the session of Tuesday 8th February, the Council of the Municipality of Caravaggio adopted the Implementation Plan presented by the company Diachem SpA. for the expansion of the existing production complex.

The process, started several years ago, saw a first positive opinion about the environmental compatibility of the urban variant on 03/05/2016, then the request for further additions and a second and final positive opinion issued on 21/12 / 2018, and finally the approval of the variant to the PGT on 27 June 2019.

The resolution of a few days ago is therefore a significant and expected step forward in obtaining the first permit to build. Diachem SpA is a 100% Italian company, indeed 100% Bergamo, family-owned and rooted in Caravaggio since the 1980s.

Diachem has been operating for more than 70 years in the field of agricultural products, producing and selling crop protection products, fertilizers, biostimulants and other types of formulations in Italy and in various European and non-European countries; in 2017 the family holding company, that holds 100% of the shares in Diachem, acquired a small Dutch company specializing in products deriving from herbal extracts and therefore with a low environmental impact, engaging a significant push towards a production and commercial proposal increasingly focused on a effective combination of traditional products and innovative and more eco-sustainable products.

The expansion project has the objective of better rationalizing production and dedicating adequate and new departments to all the different product families, and in particular to new projects related to low environmental impact formulations.

The company collaborates with various companies in the sector, both multinationals and startups, and at the Caravaggio site it will be able to offer new production capacity also for partner and customer projects.

The Implementation Plan provides for a new building capacity of 19,000 square meters of covered area, in addition to the current production buildings which now extend for about 14,000 square meters, to be used for formulation and packaging, warehouses for the storage of raw materials, active ingredients, packaging and finished products and a new service building for employees.

Today the production site produces about 9,000 tons of products; when fully operational, the expansion could lead to a doubling of production, and therefore to a staff growth of about 40 people in addition to the current 118 employees operating in Caravaggio between offices and plant.

The expansion project will probably take place in gradual phases and after the approval of the Implementation Plan, the signing of the Agreement between the company and the Municipality will follow and then the start of the regional procedure to establish the possible need for an Environmental Impact Assessment, at the outcome of which positive, every Building Permit is bound.

The operation of the extension is also subject to other prescriptions and indications formalized in previous deeds, including the minimum areas to be used as compensatory and mitigation green areas, the construction of a roundabout to manage the access roads to the area, the condition that the sum of the major accident risks determined by the existing settlement and by the new activities does not create a perimeter of the “damage areas” that extends beyond the current limit.

Diachem acknowledges with satisfaction and enthusiasm the successful adoption of the Implementation Plan and is already working with several consultants to finalize everything necessary to implement the first phase of expansion.

Caravaggio, February 10th 2022

Diachem S.p.A.


following the articles that appeared in the local press

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