Actual Structure

Actual Structure

DIACHEM S.p.A. is controlled by GMP group (holding of the Dubbini’ s family) that also owns the majority of PIRECO Productie B.V, a Dutch company specialized in the research and production of natural biostimulants and products based on plant extracts.

Chimiberg and Diagro, companies in the past, are now brands: the trademarks of DIACHEM for plant protection and for plant nutrition products intended for the Italian market. DIACHEM holds registrations for crop protection products in Italy and in several European and extra European countries, DIACHEM registrations are also provided for distributions to third companies.

DIACHEM produces for its brands and for many national and multinational companies in the industry. DIACHEM formulates agrochemicals, fertilizers and organic products in its plant, located in Caravaggio (BG) – Italy.


Use plant protection products safely. Before use always read the label and product information.

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