Mission & Strategy

Mission & Strategy

The group aims to defend and expand its catalog of agrochemicals and fertilizers, to cover all the major market segments in Italy in the first place, and in Europe to follow. The group promotes its own production plant as strategic formulation and packaging site for toll manufacturing in Europe.

With these objectives, the business strategy includes:

  1. Distribution agreements with the companies “main notifier” of the active ingredients: Adama, Agriphar, Basf, Bayer, Cheminova, Dow Agrosciences, Nufarm, Sumitomo, Syngenta, …
  2. Direct investment in registration for finished products (Annex III) and active ingredients (Annex II): Copper TBCS, Deltamethrin, Dicamba, Iprodione, Tebuconazole, Tefluthrin, ….
  3. Investment for the continuous improvement of the plant: lines for new formulation types and packaging, process automation, programmes for safety and welfare work,…
Use plant protection products safely. Before use always read the label and product information.

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