Actual Structure

Actual Structure

DIACHEM S.p.A. is controlled by GMP group that also owns the majority of Diagro S.r.l.CHIMIBERG, company in the past, is now a brand: the trademark of DIACHEM for plant protection products intended for the Italian market.

DIACHEM, which is the industrial heart of the group, produces for its sister company DIAGRO, for its brand CHIMIBERG and especially for many national and multinational companies in the industry. DIACHEM formulates agrochemicals, fertilizers and organic products in its plant, located in Caravaggio, with the latest equipment, offering various types of formulation and packaging, and production flexibility, providing a valuable service to the most demanding customers in terms of promptness in solving problems and excellent adaptability to the needs of each. DIACHEM holds registrations for crop protection products in Italy and in several European and extra European countries.

CHIMIBERG is Diachem commercial brand for the Italian market of crop protection products. As CHIMIBERG sales, promotion, information technology and marketing activities are conducted, offering support and expertise in terms of regulatory, in order to ensure completeness catalog, continuous innovation and appropriate responses to the evolution of the industry.

DIAGRO is the group company specialized in products for the “feeding” of the plants. In an effort to better meet new market demands, DIAGRO has created a catalog of increasingly advanced and innovative products in the field of plant nutrition. Thanks to many international synergies and to the many research activites, DIAGRO is able to offer its customers a range of unique and original specialties, which cannot find comparisons in the panorama of fertilizer products.

Use plant protection products safely. Before use always read the label and product information.

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