Today DIACHEM holds registrations of crop protection products in Italy and in countries in Europe and outside Europe:in effect DIACHEM has done and is planning investments for the preparation and submission of dossiers Annex II and Annex III, according to registration principles of European Community. To date DIACHEM possesses scientific studies (dossier) that can be used immediately to register in Europe and outside Europe. Below is a list of products offered by DIACHEM Export for the European market and outside the European market. For some of the products below,  registrations are already active in Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Egypt, UAE, Jordan, Greece, Malta, Morocco, Oman, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay.

EUPotential products to the EU market

Extra EUPotential products for the market outside the EU

At your disposal material and label for each product. Enter the reserved area to download documents.

For more information write to: export@diachemagro.com

DIACHEM Export Products

ID EU Extra EU Commercial name a.s. – (1) a.s. – (2) % – (1) % – (2) class Form. typology Ordinamento
1 . AMADENE Hydrolysed proteins 36% (421g/LT) altro SL 10
2 . . CLUSTER 500 Iprodione 43,7% (500g/LT) FUNG SC 20
3 . CUMETA FLOW TBCS Metalaxil-m 15,5% (200g/LT) 1,86% (24g/LT) FUNG SC 30
4 . . DIASTAR MAXI Tefluthrin Fertilizer 0,005 INS GR 40
5 . . IDRORAME FLOW TBCS 15,2% (193g/LT) FUNG SC 50
6 . JOKER 230 Dicamba 21,2% (230g/LT) HERB SL 60
7 . JOKER 480 Dicamba 41,16% (480g/LT) HERB SL 70
8 . . KING TBCS 24% (360g/LT) FUNG SC 80
9 . . KOP-TWIN TBCS Copper Metal Hydroxide 13,3% (180g/LT) 8,6% (120g/LT) FUNG SC 90
10 . METAMBANE Dicamba Mcpa 1,96% (22g/LT) 21,66% (240g/LT) HERB SL 100

Use plant protection products safely. Before use always read the label and product information.

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