DIACHEM, company from Bergamo committed by three generations into the formulation of Plant Protection Products and Plant Nutrition Specialities for agricultural crops, has decided to pave the way for the world of the “BIO-SOLUTIONS” through the acquisition of PIRECO, a Dutch company with headquarters in Lelystad,  specialized in the research and production of natural bio stimulants and products based on plant extracts used at “zero” environmental impact.

The acquisition took place last June 9th 2017 through the controlling company GMP (holding of the Dubbini’ s family) and the subsidiary company DIAGRO, this latter focused into the marketing of Special Fertilizers.

“The choice to take over Pireco came from the will to invest into an innovative field, that of Biocontrol agents, which is expected to grow significantly in the coming years″, explains Paolo Dubbini, Managing Director of Diachem, and continues: “Diachem brand guide will make some  innovations, for instance we want to invest in some products of the current Pireco’ s product range by preparing registration dossiers for the inclusion of these formulations in the category of the so-called bio-agrochemicals, products that can represent with full rights a very important reference in the concept of the Organic Farming.”

This kind of approach, states Dubbini, “is the future of the agricultural system since it involves the use of techniques compatible to  the environmental respect and food safety through a careful and measured use of  synthetic chemicals and the control of the entire production process. The concept of integrated struggle bases its principles on the rational use of agrochemicals in a correct balance between prevention and timeliness of intervention, by giving the priority to products which have the lowest possible environmental impact. A system in line with the sustainability of the agricultural productions.”

Nowadays the worldwide “Bio-Solutions” market is worth about 2,5 billion dollars at user level, of which more than 20% realized in Europe. It is expected that in the next three years there will be a strong development of these products that in 2020 could reach the sizeable sum of 6-7 billion dollars all over the planet.

Use plant protection products safely. Before use always read the label and product information.

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